The Hazard Family

Hi There!
We are The Hazard Family!

A family we are! But until the little ones are able to pull their weight around the farm, the dynamic duo behind Hazard Beef is Travis & Kayley.

Travis is juggling it all! Along with the demands of the farm, being a devoted father of two and listening to all of his wife’s crazy business ventures….he is also a full time civil engineer and owner of Hazard Engineering.

Kayley is the foreground of the operation. The one who will be answering your emails, phone calls, making deliveries and posting updates to our social media accounts, all while trying to help with farm chores and keep up with their two busy children…oh and laundry (ugh).

Our family has a deep love and respect for livestock, that passion has led to sell our Nebraska raised beef directly to you! You can trust us to provide you and your family with convenient, high quality and affordable beef!