Try our Nebraska Raised, Dry Aged Beef

 Our Nebraska raised beef are fed a balanced diet that includes grain which produces flavorful, delicious marbling. Then processed in small batches at a local, USDA certified locker and dry aged for optimal flavor and tenderness. 
All cuts are individually vacuum sealed with the exception of ground beef, that is tubed. The meat is then delivered from our farm to your door, frozen, in a well insulated box, ready for you to enjoy!
With different size bundles and bulk beef options we have something for everyone!

General Lee Package
General Lee Package

General Lee Package

Daisy Package
Daisy Package

Daisy Package

Duke Package
Duke Package

Duke Package

Ordering Bulk Beef
Ordering Bulk Beef

Ordering Bulk Beef



We LOVED our first steaks!!!! Sooo amazing, tender, juicy and tons of flavor!!
Thanks Hazard Beef

springfield, NE

We bought beef from Hazards, dove right in to the juicy steaks! So juicy, great flavor, melt in your mouth goodness. Loved how it was packaged and delivered. I look forward to a long relationship with them and their beef!

M. Steiner 
Eagle, NE


W. Buss
Jefferson, SD

Steaks on the grill last night! They were amazing!

M. Borchert
Omaha, NE

Best steak I've had in years from a great family.

M. Ostgren
Wahoo, NE

Absolutely I have had!

L. Vogler
Ashland, NE