Spring 2021

Spring 2021

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We finished calving season at the end of March! *yee-haw* We had moved our calving dates back one month last year, which means we impregnated our cows at a later time than usual and we really liked how it worked out so we will continue that with our herd. We very narrowly missed the week that temperatures were -30 below and so thankful we did.

We have also added a walk-in freezer to the operation! This means we are able to store more meat and can pack orders in advance and store them for delivery when we are able. We are still figuring out containers and how best to organize but this was a big step for us and has been on our goals list for quite some time!

Family Update


Presley: Our almost kindergarten graduate is doing t-ball this spring! She is the definition of a summer baby and thinks that if the sun is shining we should be swimming (even in March).

Deacon: Our 2 year old is talking more and more with every passing week it seems. Just like every other toddler boy he is fearless, restless and has every horizontal surface in our house covered in farm toys.

Kayley: I am turning 34 years young this May and trying to keep up with 2 quickly growing little ones and Hazard Beef. I'm going to attempt some above ground gardening this year, I'm not best known for my green thumb so wish me luck!

Travis: Turned 32 years young this past March and as a civil engineer he is quickly becoming more busy with construction season on the horizon while also being a coach for Presley’s t-ball team.



We took an adults only trip to Scottsdale, Arizona this April. As beef producers and parents it wasn’t easy to schedule the time to go, luckily we have family that helped with the operation and kids or we would not have had the opportunity to go. The weather was beautiful, it always amazes me how much different heat can be without that Nebraska humidity. 😉


Now that we are back we are busy with the spring to-do list that never seems to end.

The brief break between the last calf and preparing for breeding season always seems so short. Right now, Travis artificially inseminates our herd and then we also have a clean-up bull with cows and heifers on pasture during the summer months. We have restocked our semen tank that is filled with nitrogen and houses semen straws of the sires that we have selected for our herd for the year.


Thanks for following along!




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