Meat Lover Gift Guide

Meat Lover Gift Guide

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With Christmas only a few weeks away here are a few gift ideas for the meat lover in your life!

1. Cast Iron Meat Press - For the stove top or grill, this amazing tool keeps bacon from curling and presses unwanted grease out of burgers. Helps with heat retention and even heating while cooking.

2. Wireless Freezer Temperature Monitor - Nothing is worse than coming home from vacation to find a freezer full of thawed out food. Use this handy tool to save you hundreds of dollars in spoiled food!

3. Knife Sharpener - Don't forget to take care of your knives!

4. Meat Injector - To add extra flavor and ensure you never have to settle for dry or bland meat!

5. Knife Block Set - Every tool they need to chop, slice or dice when preparing meals.

6. Meat Thermometer Gun - Very handy tool to measure temperatures from a safe distance! 

Merry Christmas!

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